ACAP Widens Bandwidth & Density On The Network And In The Cloud

By Mat Dirjish

Xilinx unleashes the third device in the Versal Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP), which it claims to deliver the industry’s highest bandwidth and compute bandwidth for network and cloud applications. The company says Versal is the industry’s first ACAP, a unique category of heterogeneous compute devices with capabilities that exceed those of conventional silicon architectures. Developed on TSMC’s 7-nm process technology, Versal Premium combines software programmability with dynamically configurable hardware acceleration and pre-engineered connectivity and security features.

Reportedly, Versal Premium series delivers up to 3x higher throughput compared to current generation FPGAs, with built-in Ethernet, Interlaken, and cryptographic engines that enable fast and secure networks. The series doubles the compute density of currently deployed mainstream FPGAs and provides the adaptability to keep pace with increasingly diverse and evolving cloud and networking workloads.

Other features include 112-Gb/s PAM4 transceivers, multi-hundred Gbit Ethernet and Interlaken connectivity, high-speed cryptography, and PCIe Gen5 with built-in DMA, supporting both CCIX and CXL. The Versal Premium series will begin sampling in the first half of 2021. Documentation is currently available and users can start prototyping now with the Versal Prime Evaluation Kit. For more details, take a trot over to the Versal Prime series product overview.

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