Advanced Automotive Radar Launches New World Of Automobiles

By Akshita Pacholi

The integration of automotive radar systems has advanced automobile safety and protection. Automotive radar systems have transformed the perception of driving and reduced driver errors with the ability to detect stationary and active objects such as cars or other obstacles behind and around the vehicle. Easing the driving experience as one of several benefits has led to radar systems being offered in almost every current automobile.

In addition to basic manual cars, automotive radar systems have highly impacted autonomous vehicles by providing perception capabilities to the controlling system. Radar sensors provide data based on the current state of the vehicle’s surroundings, enabling the reduction of accident rates. However, both safety and execution rely on the accuracy of the data provided by said radar sensors.

Supremacy of radar systems has fueled their acceptance amongst automobile manufacturers. A report by Allied Market Research, reveals that the global automotive RADAR market is expected to hold a market share of $7.68 billion, supported by a CAGR of 11.7% by 2026. Furthermore, the growth of the market is attributed to the rapid demands for safety features in automobiles, a surge in demand for comfortable driving, and the stringent rules and regulations for safety features. Recently, the industry has offered up various solutions, some of which are as follows.


Radar tech company Echodyne recently launched it’s a radar unit for autonomous vehicles (AVs). Called EchoDrive, the product employs a unique technology that doesn’t only perceive things but also communicates intelligently via artificial intelligence (AI) behind the wheel.

Compatible with LiDAR and relevant cameras. EchoDrive systems feature nearly 60-Hz refresh rates, high resolution, and can have a two-way conversation between sensors and the vehicle’s CPU, a technique the company calls cognitive radar or knowledge-aided measurement. Additionally, EchoDrive is being tested by Echodyne’s partners.


JIMU, an intelligent driving technology provider, presented its latest intelligent driving solutions at CES 2020. The solutions are based on vision and radar fusion and is consists of a cloud platform and in-vehicle perception hardware. JIMU’s platform is said to be a highly precise and inclusive in the area of road perception, decision making, and vehicle control.

Additionally, the solution provides basic data, i.e., traffic situations, driver status, etc., and other basic data required for intelligent driving. JIMU is deemed to be one of the leading intelligent driving solution providers and has helped to promote the commercialization of intelligent driving with its technology.


Another participant to showcase its latest solution at CES 2020 demonstrated a RADAR-based In-Cabin sensing solution. The system is described as an advanced automotive interior occupancy monitoring solution supported by a software development kit (SDK). The solution is designed to improve in-vehicle safety and personalization features including detection of child-presence and occupancy monitoring. Along with this in-cabin sensing solution, the company has also demonstrated a camera-based driver monitoring solution to detect driver’s drowsiness and inattention with advanced facial algorithms.


Simply stated, the integration of automotive radar has amplified the services offered by today’s automobiles. The high-resolution, compressed design and low cost of radar technology increase its reliability for use in ADAS.

On the other hand, the technology providers and automobile manufacturing firms need to further their technological research and development to advance more reliable safety features. Further developments in radar technology are expected to increase chances of its acceptance in the automobile industry and provide more profitable opportunities in the future. For more details, visit Allied Market Research.

About the Author

Akshita Pacholi

Akshita Pacholi is a content writer and researcher at Allied Market Research. She holds a Masters Degree in English Literature and has a passion for new and developing technologies.

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