AI-Based Platform Delivers Massive Road & Highway Data

By Mat Dirjish

Netradyne has created what it calls an artificial intelligence (AI) and vision-based driver and road-safety platform that captures and analyzes over one billion minutes and 500-million miles of driving video data. The platform, called Driveri, is intended to boost both driver safety standards and the development of autonomous vehicles via what may be the largest collection of contextual video data of US roads and highways.

Powered by AI, Driveri captures every minute of thousands of fleet drivers’ travels across the country. In the process, the platform analyzes road conditions, driving events, and violations.

The analyzed data provides greater opportunities to shape safety standards for the future of transportation. By 3D mapping millions of miles of U.S. roads, Netradyne claims its contextual data is powering accident risk reduction, driver recognition, statistical modeling, and advanced autonomous vehicle development.

Driveri participants span a wide range of transportation segments including passenger vehicle ride share, luxury limousine service, vans and pick-up trucks, utility vehicles, last-mile delivery, and both freight and heavy-duty trucking.  Each segment leverages the Driveri platform for a complete view of its operations including identifying excellent driving practices and areas for performance improvement.

The hoped for results are reduced driving incidents, more awareness around risk, and the ability to reward positive driving.  Learn more and drive effectively, checkout the Driveri platform.

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