AI Enables Better Planned Hip Replacement

By Mat Dirjish

RSIP Vision’s artificial intelligence (AI) based total hip replacement technology is said to provide a precise, automated 3D structure for physicians to better plan hip-replacement surgery. It employs a cutting-edge AI algorithm that brings new capabilities to the world of Orthopedy. Allegedly, the technology will create a precise fit of the new implant to the patients’ body, enabling a better clinical outcome and an easier recovery.

The hip is a complex anatomical region, which has a direct impact on a person’s posture and lower limb movement. Consequently, hip replacement is an error-prone surgery and the precision level required for surgery is very high. Even a minor displacement of an implant or inaccurate sizing and shaping of the implants can impact the posture of a patient, causing great pain from simple movements, functional limitations, and even additional surgeries.

Rather than rely on surgeons’ personal experiences, RSIP Vision’s solution allows complex segmentation and landmark detection of the patient’s body structure, making the surgical planning much simpler, faster, accurate, and safer. For more details, visit RSIP Vision.

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