AI Inference Development Platform Flies Free

By Mat Dirjish

Xilinx’s Vitis AI, described as an artificial intelligence (AI) inference development platform, is available now for download free of charge. The company claims its unified software platform provides deep learning acceleration as part of their software code.

Vitis AI integrates a domain-specific architecture (DSA) and configures Xilinx hardware to be tailored and programmed using standard frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe. It provides the tools to quickly optimize, compress, and compile trained AI models running on a Xilinx device.

In a good move, the company has also open sourced Vitis accelerated libraries and Vitis AI models, as well as corresponding example designs that can be used from endpoint to edge in addition to cloud platforms. The Xilinx developer site provides access to examples, tutorials, documentation, and provides a portal to connect the Vitis and Vitis AI developer community. For more details, data, and directions, checkout Vitis AI, the Vitis unified software platform, and the Vitis developer libraries. And be sure to sign up for Sensors Daily Newsletters. It’s free, fast, and incredibly easy.