AI-Powered Analytics Environment Accelerates COVID-19 Research

By Mat Dirjish

Analytics company SAS is launching a free artificial intelligence (AI)-driven, visual-text analysis application that helps researchers quickly identify relevant COVID-19 findings. The company’s COVID-19 Scientific Literature Search and Text Analysis is a free visual text analysis environment that uses AI and machine learning to quickly search mass mounds of research articles on COVID-19.

Research groups gathered and released to the public more than 50,000 scientific research articles on COVID-19 and other coronaviruses through the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19). The articles include studies on treatment effectiveness, vaccine development, mitigation efforts, genetic analysis, economic impact, and other relevant findings. Bottom line, it’s near impossible to reliably analyze all the available literature manually. The free and publicly available COVID-19 Scientific Literature Search and Text Analysis environment aims to quickly and efficiently connect the global research community with the most relevant literature through its self-guided, cloud-based system.

SAS Viya powers the interactive environment through analytics and AI methods to explore the CORD-19 dataset. Using SAS Visual Text Analytics and SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, SAS augments the dataset with models developed by linguists and health and life sciences experts. Researchers can explore topics such as PPE effectiveness, social distancing efficacy, and the transmission environment. The models also extract and visualize quantitative data, such as the incubation period and reproduction number of COVID-19. For further enlightenment, learn more about SAS Viya and the free COVID-19 Scientific Literature Search and Text Analysis environment.

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