App Eases Home Schooling For Teachers & Students

By Mat Dirjish

In the US, and I assume elsewhere, we are into our second week of school closings. From grammar schools through universities, students are doing the distance-learning thing. It’s highly commendable how teachers and students are quickly adapting to this situation, going from a classroom community to a somewhat isolated environment where the computer screen becomes the connection between both.

One of the tools available for teachers working in this environment of stay-at-home students is Classkick Pro. A virtual learning app that shows teachers in real-time exactly what students are thinking and learning, it is not exactly affordable on an individual basis with its price tag of $1,499. However, the Classkick company is offering the Classkick Pro School Membership for free for coronavirus COVID-19 affected schools.

According to its maker, Classkick connects students and their school work to their educational advocates, merging students, teachers, and parents for a true virtual learning experience. Available for home or in-school virtual learning on iPads, Chromebooks, as well as Mac and PC computers, Classkick lets teachers, using any type of content see and instantly respond to exactly what their students are thinking and working on in real-time. Students can ask for help privately, avoiding unwanted peer stigma, and teachers can pop into a student’s work online to provide ideas, encouragement, support, and correction. Additionally, students can give even each other peer help and feedback.

Features include:

  • Students privately receive virtual feedback, corrections, and suggestions from teachers in real-time.
  • Students can virtually raise their hands to alert the teacher to questions.
  • Teachers view the entire class working in real-time and can instantly give feedback to each student separately or as a group.
  • Teachers see how each student is thinking.
  • Teachers can instantly reward students with gold stars, Bitmojis, GIFs, and other stickers.
  • Teachers can create or upload assignments and other content, including drawings, text, images, audio, links, videos, chat, and GIFs.
  • Teachers can assign a student roster and provide the class code to students to log in from home.
  • Classkick works with Screencastify apps to make teaching screencasts. Screencastify uploads right to Youtube, which students can watch in Classkick.
  • Classkick links directly from a learning management system such as Google Classroom and others.
  • Currently in use worldwide, Classkick covers grades from kindergarten through high school and all school subjects.

For more details, visit Classkick. To sign up for a free package, visit Classkick Coronavirus COVID-19

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