Award-Winning Grid Monitor Flies Sensor Free

By Mat Dirjish

Snagging a 2020 Prism Innovation Award in the energy category, Prisma Photonics’ sensor-free grid-monitoring platform emerges as an accurate, easily-deployable platform for long-range infrastructure monitoring that provides real-time intelligence, event identification, and classification. Using pre-existing fiber-optic cables, the system enables monitoring smart power transmission lines and predicting failures without requiring sensor installation.

According to Prisma, its platform represents a radically new approach. The company says it is the first such platform that eliminates the need to install thousands of sensors while delivering instant and precise target classifications at any point along the grid.

Prisma Photonics offers its platform for a monthly subscription payment with no up-front costs. It requires zero infrastructure installation and future upgrades just require remote software installs. For more information, visit Prisma Photonics.

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