Cable Receptacles Support 112G PAM-4 Data Rates

By Mat Dirjish

TE Connectivity’s latest STRADA Whisper cable receptacles support 112G PAM-4 data rates in servers, switches, and routers. The receptacles incorporate STRADA Whisper connectors on one end and connect to a variety of components on the other end including backplanes, mid-boards, or input/output (I/O) components. This bypasses the printed circuit board (PCB) and minimizes insertion loss and crosstalk.

The STRADA Whisper cable receptacle is compatible with a variety of TE’s  backplane, mid-board, and I/O products. These include small form-factor pluggable (SFP), quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP), quad small form-factor pluggable double density (QSFP-DD), Sliver, and octal small form-factor pluggable (OSFP) connectors.

Custom cable assemblies are available upon request. For deeper details and insights, visit the STRADA Whisper cable receptacle page.

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