Camera Brings AI Tech To The Classroom

By Mat Dirjish

Making its premier entrance at Bett 2020, DFRobot’s HuskyLens artificial intelligence (AI) camera takes a bow as “an easy to use teaching tool that brings AI technology to classrooms.” HuskyLens is an AI-powered vision sensor that’s compatible with microcontrollers such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LattePanda, and micro:bit.

STEM education solution provider DFRobot says its camera can just plug into the user’s single-board computer of choice and it’s ready to go. Unlike similar cameras, HuskyLens integrates several algorithms that allow users to create AI projects without previous algorithmic knowledge.

The algorithms perform facial recognition, object recognition, object tracking, line following, color detection, and tag detection. Also, in terms of ease of use, users can switch between algorithms with one single click. Via onboard AI vision software, the camera continuously learns and improves its abilities with each click of the button and reportedly has an algorithmic processing speed 1,000 times faster than similar products on the market.

The main framework of the HuskyLens will be open source with licensing under LGPL-2.1. The repository of the project will have multiple licenses. There will be a file in each algorithm folder indicating the original author and its license type. For more details and specs, visit the HuskyLens features page.

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