Collaboration Leads To Greater Access To MEMS Sensor Solutions

By Mat Dirjish

Electronic components distributor WPG Americas and ACEINNA, developer unique Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and current sensing technologies, are teaming up to deliver the next generation of MEMS-based sensing solutions on a global scale. Reportedly, IMUs and current sensing technologies are essential to next-generation cars, robots, and a plethora of autonomous applications.

Rich Davis, President of WPG Americas, extols, “WPG Americas is extremely excited to bring a supplier like ACEINNA to our line card to promote their MEMS based sensing solutions to our customers. With the growing demand for next generation cars, robots and other autonomous applications, ACEINNA will help to enable customers to bring their products to market with cutting edge technologies.”

Executive VP at ACEINNA, Michael Murray concurs, “This partnership between WPGA and ACEINNA is big step forward for the industry. By working together, we are making it much more efficient and easier for developers to research, source and obtain the best possible sensing solutions for the design of autonomous vehicles and power management applications.”

For more details, visit WPG Americas Inc. and ACEINNA

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