Collaborators Double Team On Robotic Motion Control

By Mat Dirjish

STMicroelectronics and maxon are working together to hurdle the development challenges of motion control in robotics applications. The companies expect to demonstrate the jointly developed EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 servo control kit at sps 2019 in Nuremberg, November 26-28.

The EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 is a plug-and-play design kit that includes a maxon 100W brushless dc (BLDC) motor with integrated 1024-pulse incremental encoder. The kit’s servo control board contains STMicro’s STSPIN32F0A intelligent three-phase motor controller and a complete inverter stage built with ST power transistors. Motor-control firmware is also included.

The kit is available now, priced at $129. For deeper details, checkout the EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 data brief. Learn even more and stay on top of all the info you need by signing up for Sensors Daily Newsletters. It’s free, fast, and unbelievably easy.