Collaborators Pull Vehicle Health Monitoring To The Edge

By Mat Dirjish

SafeRide Technologies and NXP Semiconductors are partnering to bring advanced vehicle health monitoring to the edge with artificial-intelligence-based anomaly detection on NXP vehicle network processors. The pair announced the integration of vSentry Edge AI, an embedded behavioral profiling and anomaly detection solution for connected vehicles with the NXP vehicle network processors. According to its maker, vSentry Edge AI delivers real-time advanced vehicle health monitoring capabilities and provides insights on cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, and vehicle performance.

The platform uses advanced machine learning and deep learning technology to establish the normal behavior of the vehicle, without dependencies or previous knowledge of the vehicle system’s properties and protocols. Once normal behavior is established, machine learning models can accurately detect, categorize, and flag any abnormal behavior and report it in real-time. Embedded in the central vehicle gateway, vSentry Edge AI monitors all the in-vehicle communications, including control signals and sensor data. For more details, visit SafeRide Technologies and/or email

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