Emerging Applications Set To Drive Conductive Ink Market

By Mat Dirjish

IDTechEx says the 2020 market for conductive ink will garner $2.4 billion. According to the research firm, 95% of the ink represented by that figure goes into three applications:

  1. printed bus bars and fingers on PV solar cells
  2. exterior automotive heating applications (defoggers)
  3. touch screen edge electrodes

That may soon change as new applications for conductive ink are beginning to step into the commercial spotlight. These include:

  1. Material opportunities in 5G applications, i.e., by 2025 the value of 5G connections globally may be worth $303 billion.
  2. Material opportunities for power semiconductors in electric vehicles. Electric-vehicles makers will require 126 tons of die attach material by 2025.
  3. Printed heaters in autonomous and/or electric vehicles.
  4. 3D electronics to improve human machines interfaces.

These are just four of the opportunities that will be covered at Printed Electronics Europe 2020 For more details, checkout the show agenda and visit IDTechEx.

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