Gas Sensors Pump Up New Markets

By Mat Dirjish

Researchers at IDTechEx see gas sensors as enablers of unique markets to come. The company’s report, titled “Environmental Gas Sensors 2020-2030”, sees microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and screen-printing techniques opening the door to miniaturized gas sensors, which enables the integration of such gas sensors into many compact consumer devices. The report also foresees the total market to garner over $3.8 billion by 2030.

The report summarizes common gas sensing technologies like metal oxide semiconductors (MOS), electrochemical detection (EC), photoionization (PID) and infrared (IR). IDTechEx points out that companies successfully miniaturize metal-oxide sensors using MEMS technology. Several traditional sensor manufacturers are expanding their portfolios to produce MEMS based sensors as well as a number of new companies entering the market. For the applications requiring higher sensitivity and selectivity, such as smart city projects, electrochemical gas sensors are preferable choices.

Comparison of traditional gas sensors and miniaturized gas sensors. Source: IDTechEx Report, “Environmental Gas Sensors 2020-2030”. 

These advancements in gas sensing technologies opens the door for multiple new markets. Gas sensors enable IoT ecosystems to monitor environment air quality and are prime components in wearable devices, smart city projects, smart home electronics, and automotive designs. Another key trend to employ advanced gas sensing technology is the breathalyzer. The development of novel breathalyzers that are qualified for clinical level diagnostics will be one of the key strategies in the coming years for medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Benchmark of common gas sensing technologies. Source: IDTechEx Report, “Environmental Gas Sensors 2020-2030”. 

To learn more, check out the “Environmental Gas Sensors 2020-2030” report.

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