Innovative MEMS Production System Finds A University Home

By Mat Dirjish

Provider of etch and deposition equipment, memsstar Ltd. has shipped its three-chamber ORBIS 3000 system for MEMS research and manufacturing to the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) at the University of Freiburg, Germany. As part of a nationally funded project, dubbed “Processes and Materials for More-than-Moore Electronic Systems (PROMYS),” the company’s surface micromachining cluster tool will act as a central unit for micromechanical structuring of MEMS components for up to 200-mm wafers.

Researchers at the university hope to develop unique IoT solutions, particularly in applications involving medical aids and biological analytical microsystems. For example, defending against degenerative diseases and to enable anywhere-care solutions. The memsstar ORBIS tool will be a key component in achieving hetero-integration of all kinds of micromachined sensors and actuators as well as with microelectronics and media access such as fluidic components.

Introduced in 2014, memsstar’s ORBIS systems are believed to offer the industry’s most advanced single-wafer process capability for advanced MEMS manufacturing. According to its maker, the system includes process monitoring and endpoint control, a high-selectivity package, and proven hardware that delivers consistent uniformity and repeatability.

Chomping at the bit to glean more? Then checkout the ORBIS 3000 system. Need to know more about MEMS? Read Roger Grace’s highly informative MEMS Report Card article.

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