IoT Analytics Toolkit Adds Evaluation Acceleration

By Mat Dirjish

Artificial intelligence (AI) tool and intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint specialist SensiML is offering a free trial version of its SensiML Analytics Toolkit with an added feature, Data Depot sample dataset repository. SensiML is an IoT AI software program for building intelligent endpoints quickly, said to be up to five times faster than hand-coded solutions.

The toolkit includes three components: SensiML Data Capture Lab, Analytics Studio, and Test App. It also supports multiple hardware evaluation platforms including the QuickLogic Merced and Chilkat platforms, Raspberry Pi, the ST Sensor Tile, and Nordic Thingy. The free trial version of the SensiML Analytics Toolkit includes:

  • Data collection and labeling (using sample datasets)
  • Automated ML algorithm creation
  • Algorithm performance visualization
  • Auto-generation of optimized device code
  • Embedded binary executable output (limited number of classificationresults)
  • Device test/validation application

Applications for the SensiML Analytics Toolkit include time-series sensor intelligence usages across consumer and industrial IoT devices.  Examples include predictive maintenance, safety wearables, smart appliances, fitness wearables, and industrial monitoring. For more knowledge and enlightenment, peruse sample application datasets and datasheets.

The SensiML Analytics Toolkit, including the free downloadable trial version, is available now.  For more information, checkout the video below and visit SensiML Corporation. And after that, sign up for Sensors Daily Newsletters. It’s free, fast, and incredibly easy.