LG Achieves New Levels Of AI Development

By Mat Dirjish

If you’ve ever seen the movie Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock, you got a glimpse of what a future smart home would be like. Typically, everything in the home, and elsewhere, was controlled by voice command, very much like what consumers do with Alexa, Siri, and other similar technologies today. It’s all basically one technological concept: artificial intelligence (AI). And LG Electronics is bringing us into the post Demolition Man era of AI.

At CES 2020, LG Electronics (LG) unveiled its latest artificial intelligence (AI) development framework called “Levels of AI Experience: the Future of AI and the Human Experience.” The framework is aligned with LG ThinQ, the company’s AI brand. The company’s vision is to transform daily experiences by connecting all aspects of human life through intelligent touchpoints.

The framework consists of four AI levels as follows:

Level 1, Efficiency: AI can carry out specific functions through automation that make user interactions more efficient and effective.

Level 2, Personalization: AI can recognize patterns and regularities from past user interactions to optimize and personalize functions.

Level 3, Reasoning: AI based on causality learning looks at the ‘why’ behind users’ actions to predict and recommend better outcomes for the optimal user experience.

Level 4, Exploration: AI based on experimental learning is capable of original research, enough to formulate intelligent hypotheses to generate thoughtful ideas and suggestions.

Reportedly, the industry and academia have hopes that the four points will act as anchor points for the field of AI going forward. President and Chief Technology Officer of LG Electronics Dr. I.P. Park summarizes, “From Efficiency to Exploration, our vision for AI innovation is meaningful for both the industry and its customers. It enables and encourages us to come up with more daring, more innovative ideas for the future.”

LG certainly has a way of stirring the pot of excitement for a new age of AI. Hopefully the new Top 40 won’t consist of commercial jingles. For more information, checkout LG ThinQ innovations.

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