MOSFET Evaluation Board Makes Motor Drives SiC

By Mat Dirjish

Deemed a technology for bringing mature applications up to date, Infineon Technologies’ CoolSiC EVAL-M5-E1B1245N-SiC MOSFET evaluation board is cutting a path  for silicon carbide (SiC) in motor drives. According to Infineon, SiC is on target for applications like photovoltaic and uninterruptable power supplies. The next group of applications for this wide bandgap technology is seen as motor drives and the company’s evaluation board supports industrial drives applications with a maximum motor-output power of 7.5 kW.

The EVAL-M5-E1B1245N-SiC is tailored for general purpose drives and servo drives operating at very high frequencies. It features Infineon’s EasyPACK 1B in Sixpack configuration with a 1.2-kV CoolSiC MOSFET that specifies a typical on-state resistance of 45 mW.

The EasyPACK 1B includes a CoolSiC MOSFET (FS45MR12W1M1_B11), three-phase ac connector, EMI filter, rectifier, and a three-phase output to the motor. Also, the board is equipped with the Infineon standard M5 32-pin interface, which accommodates connection to a control unit such as the XMC DriveCard 4400 or 1300. Input voltage ranges from 340 to 480 Vac.

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