N-Channel JFET Can Exceed Noise Specs

By Mat Dirjish

Linear Systems is giving its popular LSK389 Series monolithic dual, N-Channel JFET a rerun after passing through 100% noise testing to make the device meet or exceed noise specifications. The company has the capability for individual screening of small-signal discrete components to levels below one billionth of a volt (nV/√Hz) of noise in quantities up to tens of thousands of parts. This one-of-a-kind testing capability ensures all LSK389 devices produce no burst (RTN or popcorn) noise and meet or exceed 1/f and broadband noise specs.

Specs include:

  • Ultra-Low Noise: en = 1.3nV/√Hz (typical), f = 1 kHz and NBW =1 Hz
  • Four grades of IDSS: 2.6 to 6.5 mA, 6 to 12 mA, 10 to 20 mA and 17 to 30 mA, with an IDSS match of 10%
  • Matching: IVGS1-2I = 15 mV max
  • Breakdown Voltage: BVGSS = 40V max
  • Gain: Gfs = 20 mS (typical)
  • Capacitance: 25 pF (typical)

The LSK389 Series is available in surface mount SOIC 8L and thru-hole TO-71 6L packages. Pricing, depending on package, is $4.67 (SOIC 8L) and $6.70 (TO-71 6L) each/1,000. For deeper details, insights, and illuminations, peruse the LSK389 Series datasheet and the LSK389 Series app note. You can also contact the company via phone at 800-359-4023 or 510-490-9160 and/or email sales@linearsystems.com.

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