Needle Incinerator Prevents Prick-And-Stab Injuries

By Mat Dirjish

RedHawk Holdings Corp. announces that the City Council for the City of Pomona, California, approves the installation of the company’s portable SANDD mini – FR into patrol vehicles, a needle incineration device designed for first responders. The device incinerates needles on location, reducing the risk of first responder injury by needles while on duty. The Pomona Police Department (“Pomona PD”) is the first law enforcement agency in the State of California to receive the SANDD mini–FR devices which are set for installation into 60 marked and unmarked patrol units.

The SANDD mini is reportedly the only FDA approved portable, battery-operated needle destruction device that eliminates the use of sharps containers for disposal in both clinical and home settings. When activated, the device uses an arc of electricity to heat the needle to about 4,000°F within seconds, completely incinerating the needle, leaving no remaining sharp. The heat also kills off any blood-borne pathogens, and the incinerated needle creates a vacuum in the syringe, meaning nothing left inside can escape. For more info, visit RedHawk Holdings Corp.

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