Next-Gen Tensiometer Give Growers A Leg Up

By Mat Dirjish

Applying 18 years worth of research and development, Hortau brings to market the next-generation of tensiometer: the 1k Extended Range Sensor. The sensor operates up to 1,000 kPa, allowing growers to closely manage deficit irrigation programs, carefully track tension levels in arid conditions, and continuously monitor the health of their plants.

Tensiometers measure soil tension, which essentially is a direct measurement of the amount of available water in the soil. According to the company, growers fill traditional tensiometers with water that tend to empty out in arid conditions. The1k Sensor features a patent-pending polymer that allegedly does not dry out. It eliminates the need for refills and allows for continuous reporting of field conditions.

Hortau is at the World Ag Expo from February 11 to 13. For more details, checkout the 1k Extended Range Sensor.

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