O3 Sensor Hub Replaces Traditional Thermostats

By Mat Dirjish

Launching at the AHR Expo 2020, Delta Controls’ O3 Sensor Hub 2.0 has the potential to replace conventional thermostats with an all-encompassing hub that provides quick accessibility and management for building owners. The O3 2.0 is also a winner of the 2020 AHR Expo Innovation Award in the building automation category.

Viable for use in commercial, office, healthcare, and hospitality environments, the O3 2.0 mounts on a ceiling and combines seven different sensors to provide a comprehensive view of the space below. The sensors detect occupancy through body heat, keyboard noise, or motion. Reportedly, the hub enables systems to turn off HVAC and lighting in a fraction of the time it takes typical motion-sensor systems to do the same.

In addition to providing multiple interfaces for diverse systems integration, other features of the O3 include lower installation costs, better temperature and occupancy accuracy, and support for MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT). For additional information, checkout the video demos and specs on the O3 Sensor Hub 2.0 page. Also, pay a visit to Delta Controls.

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