Partners Decipher AI Effect On Human Motivation

By Mat Dirjish

OMRON and Square Enix have embarked on a joint research that examines artificial intelligence (AI) in relation to human motivation. Their research centers around FORPHEUS, a table-tennis tutoring robot. The goal of this research is for both companies to collaborate on the development of an AI algorithm that generates motivational feedback from data and other kinds of information. And the point of this is to establish a technology that stimulates dramatic levels of human creativity and innovation.

Developed in 2013, the function of Forpheus was to nurture a harmony between humans and machines via a technology called “Sensing & Control + Think” in an easy-to-understand manner. Each year since, OMRON expanded its core technology to bring out more human abilities. As a result, the fifth-generation FORPHEUS exhibits playing skills on par with professional players. As a teaching tool, the robot is said to have developed excellent coaching skills for humans, optimizing returns and providing players with personalized tips based on an understanding of each individual.

The two companies aim to develop AI that can deliver personalized coaching to enhance each player’s motivation to play better. They plan to accomplish this by combining OMRON’s proprietary sensing technology for reading human emotions and ability with Square Enix’s Meta-AI technology that differentiates how a game unfolds for each player so as to stimulate an emotional response in them. Meta-AI technology is described as a mechanic that can automatically learn from a user’s emotions and then produce unique content based on that data.

Sidewise, OMRON plans to employ results from this joint research within business domains such as factory automation, healthcare and social solutions. A good example is factory automation, where machines can better motivate operators by offering support in a way that matches operators’ skill levels.

OMRON will exhibit its latest generation of FORPHEUS at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. For deeper dimensions and visions, visit OMRON Corporation and Square Enix Co., Ltd. And to stay abreast of all the important and relevant innovations in the AI universe, sign up for Sensors Daily Newsletters. It’s free, fast, and incredibly human friendly.

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