Platform Solves COVID-19 Product Availability Issues

By Mat Dirjish

Ironies always abound, even more so during times crisis. Well, here’s one for the coronavirus era. Take a small country that is just rebounding from a deep and debilitating recession, and one, like every other country, not immune to the effects of the BIG pandemic, and that small country solves the global issue of availability of COVID-19 products in online pharmacies and other outlets.

Convert Group, a Greek technology firm, offers a solution for a critical challenge of the COVID-19 retail hysteria: availability and price fluctuations of COVID-19 sensitive products in online pharmacies and groceries. Already in use and proving successful in Italy, Spain, and Greece, the Convert Group is working in partnership with multinational Consumer Healthcare and FMCG firms such as RB (Dettol), Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Henkel, Bayer, Unilever, Beiersdorf, Barilla, Abbott, P&G, L’Oreal, Nestle, Friesland Campina, Colgate Palmolive, and the Coca-Cola Company. Today, the firm announced opening their infrastructure globally under an Enterprise Software-as-a-Service model for more manufacturers to gain visibility on their digital shelf presence. Convert Group’s go-to-market approach only requires 5 days of setup as their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms do most of the work.

Convert Group operates projects in nine countries and is expanding in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America For more details, visit the Convert Group.

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