Power Quality Meters Perform High-Speed Transient Capture

By Mat Dirjish

Schneider Electric introduces the PowerLogic ION9000T as the latest member of it power-quality meter family. Helping to avoid outages, equipment damage, failures, and interruption of operations, the ION9000T adds high-speed transient capture capabilities. Originating inside a facility or emanating from a utility grid, high-speed transient voltages can damage an electrical system and disappear without a trace. Drew Reid, Offer Manager for Power Solutions at Schneider Electric states, “The ION9000T samples at 10 MHz on 4-phase voltages, so it can capture and record these sub-cycle transients and help facility managers quickly get to the root cause of these events.”

The PowerLogic ION9000T meter high-speed transient capture capabilities include:

  • Impulsive and oscillatory transient detection and capture with 10 MHz sampling (>100 ns duration, 10 kV) on four phase voltages with the ability to provide a simplified event view based on analytics of the event.
  • Reliable performance with third-party certified Class 0.1S accuracy.
  • Designed to align with comprehensive grid cybersecurity policies, helping to eliminate vulnerabilities to critical power systems.
  • Onboard power quality analysis providing useful information, not just data, via an onboard PQ tool, according to EN50160 and IEEE519standards.
  • Extended waveform capture and patented disturbance direction detection (DDD).
  • Smart power event analysis automatically correlates related trends, events, and waveforms based on time and type of incident.
  • Patented ION programmability allows users to adapt as their power networks become more dynamic, tailoring programming to accommodate complex electrical distribution monitoring or custom substation automation.

For more information, checkout the PowerLogic ION9000T series meter.

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