Rooftop Airbag Prevents Passenger Ejection

By Mat Dirjish

If you are one of the billions who drive, you do not want yourself or your passengers getting injured should you meet with an unfortunate accident. Hence, your automobile came with driver and passenger airbags that inflate upon accidental impact.

These safety devices are fine if impact of the passenger in horizontal in nature. However, sometimes impact causes the passenger or driver to shoot up vertically. Also, in the event of a rollover, drivers and passengers can bounce up against the vehicles ceiling or roof. If the car has a sunroof, ejection from the vehicle is both possible and likely. Sans James Bond, most of us have no immediate need to eject ourselves and/or passengers from our vehicles.

Hyundai Mobis has a solution for this with what it calls the world’s first roof airbag. The airbag prevents passengers from being ejected from the sunroof and becoming injured in a rollover accident

Hyundai’s roof airbag resides under the surface side of the vehicle. In an accident situation, it covers the entire roof in 0.08s, protecting and preventing all passengers from injury and ejection from the sunroof. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) successfully conducted a safety evaluation of Hyundai Mobis’ roof airbag. For more details, visit Hyundai Mobis.

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