Sensor/Software Duo Makes For Safer Fleet Operations

By Mat Dirjish

Weather Telematics, a subsidiary of Internet of Things Inc., is set to launch its Alert Fleet Sensor and Software System. The company describes its offering as a “cost-saving software/sensor system that will provide fleet owners with the tools they need to run significantly safer and more efficient fleets.”

The Alert Fleet system exploits advanced artificial intelligence, deep machine learning, and data science techniques. Using proprietary sensor hardware on fleet vehicles, in combination with artificial intelligence and proprietary data sets, the system generates hyperlocal, advanced, road weather data, which instantaneously provides real-time alerts of any and all hazardous road conditions. When the system detects hazardous surface conditions, it immediately issues alerts. Alert Fleet will provide warnings of oncoming, higher-risk conditions from 200 meters to hundreds of kilometers in advance.

Users can integrate the Alert Fleet system into existing telematic service-provider portals or available as a standalone product. It simultaneously delivers alerts to the driver and to a dispatcher via E-Mail/SMS, mobile, and web app platforms.

For more details, visit Weather Telematics Inc. Also visit Internet of Things Inc.

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