Sensors & AI Cameras Drive IoT Platforms

By Mat Dirjish

AI Security Camera

Rhombus Systems unveils a suite of sensors it claims will “transform how organizations manage their physical security.” The suite consists of asset tags, door sensors, and environmental sensors.  The sensors are battery operated and employ Rhombus AI security cameras as a local intelligence hub to capture sensor events, corresponding video footage, and data of the physical environment. The company’s premise is, that “by seamlessly combining enterprise video security with IoT sensors, organizations can simplify their physical security infrastructure, gather more actionable insights, and better secure their workplaces all from a single console wherever they happen to be.”


Asset Tag

The platform intends to eliminate the need for multiple, siloed consoles to manage different enterprise IoT sensors. Working in unison, all sensors, data collected by the sensors, and video footage can be remotely accessed and managed from one console.  As an example, an asset tag attached to a tool not only shows where the tool is located, but its movement patterns. The platform will also send an alert if the tool goes missing.



Door Sensor

Rhombus’ sensors are managed through a web console or mobile device, are plug-and-play, and specify a battery life up to two years with a single coin cell battery. The asset tag can be attached to any object to track and issue alerts when items enter or leave an organization. The door Sensor features an integrated accelerometer and can be attached to any door or entry point to issue alerts when an entry point is opened or left open. And the environmental sensor monitors temperature and humidity and issue alerts when certain environmental parameters are surpassed. The sensors automatically communicate with Rhombus’ R2 cameras and no gateways or network gear are required to set them up.


Environmental Sensor

The sensors will be available in January with a starting price of $49 each plus an annual software subscription. For more information and demo requests, visit Rhombus Systems. Don’t miss all the sensor-tech news and information you need to make your life and work easier. Subscribe for Sensors Daily Newsletters. It’s easy, fast, and FREE!