Sensors Maintain Social Distancing On The Factory Floor

By Mat Dirjish

Addressing the need for factory workers to maintain proper social distance, wearables maker ProGlove unveils a product upgrade that activates proximity sensing for frontline workers. To help workers on the assembly line or in the distribution center maintain proper distance from each other, the latest ProGlove Connect Proximity app provides an additional layer of feedback on an Android device alone or when paired with a ProGlove MARK barcode scanner, which rests on the employee’s hand.


Using the MARK wearable scanner and Android device, workers coming within close proximity of each other receive alerts. Options for alerts on the wearable scanner include audio sound, optic LED light, and haptic vibration signals.

ProGlove Connect Proximity is in beta and is phase one of the company’s software initiative to help manage safe social distancing in the workplace. In phase two, device-level proximity data will be available in ProGlove’s software application.

The app upgrade is available for free to current ProGlove users. Get thee to a safe distance by checking out ProGlove Connect Proximity and/or calling 877-348-9369 in the US. In Europe call +49 89 120 85 159.

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