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Energy Harvesting ICs Forecast Battery-Free Sensor Systems

By CEA-Leti

A critical concern surrounding the deployment of trillions of sensors and remote IoT systems is how to efficiently power all those devices. In addition to batteries, one solution that’s been around, but…….

Automotive Industry Drives Haptic Tech Market

By Mat Dirjish

Transparency Market Research (TMR) sees several parameters fueling growth in the global surface haptic technology market, citing the…….

Wafer-Based Image Sensor Targets Entry-Level Cameras

By Mat Dirjish

OmniVision expands 2-Mpixel image-sensor offerings with the OV02B 12-in., wafer-based sensor for entry-level mobile cameras. Offered as an alternative for…….

Tiny Linear Thermistors Raise Accuracy Bars

By Mat Dirjish

Embarking as the industry’s smallest, Texas Instruments claims its latest linear thermistors offer 50% higher accuracy than negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors. Reportedly, this higher accuracy enables…….

Secure Element Thwarts Counterfeiters

By Mat Dirjish

STMicroelectronics’ STSAFE-A110 secure element promises to protect consumer and industrial IoT devices, with the goal of preventing the counterfeiting of…….

LVDT Position Sensors Maintain QC In Automated Assembly Systems

By Mat Dirjish

For accurate and repeatable dimensional gaging of components as part of a manufacturing quality-control (QC) system, NewTek Sensor Solutions latest family of spring-loaded LVDT position sensors are…….

Gas Sensor Extends Cooking Sensor’s Capabilities

By Mat Dirjish

Renesas Electronics reveals that its ZMOD4410 gas sensor is teaming up with the Safera Sense smart cooking sensor…….

Robotics Drive The First Autonomous Construction Equipment

By Mat Dirjish

If consumer and commercial passenger vehicles can go solo without a driver, why not construction equipment?

Biometric Border Control System Integrates Fever Detection

By Mat Dirjish

With the recent concerns over transmittable illnesses such as the coronavirus, the need to detect travelers who are infected is on the rise…….

Linear Actuator Line Inducts Electrified Monocarrier

By Mat Dirjish

NSK Americas expands its line of linear actuators with the MCE Electrified Monocarrier series…….