Square D Connected Home Suite Eyes North America

By Mat Dirjish

Schneider Electric formally debuts its Square D Connected Home Suite for North America at CES. The company’s Square D Connected Home consists of devices and applications to consolidate connected home, appliance, and energy management into one intuitive digital experience. According to the company, one in five homes globally use its products and Square D, which joined Schneider Electric in 1991, is a recognized brand in the US market.

As more homes get “connected”, it’s expected that international energy consumption will double by 2050. Extreme weather conditions and rising power demands demand will strain grid infrastructure and result in blackouts or power outages. The Square D Connected Home Suite provides the digital tools, insights and control to help homeowners manage their electricity usage and minimize disruption.

The Wiser Energy system, a connected home solution from Square D, educates consumers on the energy usage of devices across their home, including devices that are not “smart” or connected. It detects and identifies all appliances within the home and uses Schneider Electric’s grid-to-plug advantage to manage the flow of electric energy delivered from the electric grid to the devices and appliances plugged in at home.

Consumers can then use the Square D version of the Sense app or established voice assistants, i.e., Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc., to digitally track energy usage, receive updates if a device is still running, or get alerts if an appliance is malfunctioning or requires service. For more details, visit Schneider Electric.

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