Stand-Out Mount Bearings Thwart Bacteria

By Mat Dirjish

At a time when no harmful germ or bacteria deserves to live and multiply, KML Bearing USA heeds the call to battle with its Stand-Out Mounted Bearings. Offering sanitation and protection against harmful bacteria and myriad other potential contaminants in food-and-beverage applications, the components rely on a Poly-Guard IP69K sealing system that provides an exceptionally high level of sanitary protection in moisture-rich applications.

The proprietary Poly-Guard IP69K sealing system makes the bearings water tight. The company claims the seal kit passed tests of 1,500 psi without any ingress of water. The sealing system also prevents the ingress of dust and harmful bacteria during high-velocity, high-temperature chemical washdowns mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Additionally, the seal prevents corrosion of the bearing surfaces while reducing chemical damage and embrittlement to sealing surfaces.

KML Hygienic Stand-Out Mounted Bearings are currently finding employment in product handling systems for food and bakery manufacturers, sanitary tray-loading equipment for bread, chocolate and ice cream production, and conveyor systems for meat, poultry, candy, milk, and dairy processing.  To get a better handle on what this is all about, visit and absorb the Stainless Steel Stand-Out Mounted Bearings overview page and/or contact the company via email for even greater detail.

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