Steppers Cut Heat In Bioreactor Systems

By Mat Dirjish

Applied Motion Products says there’s a solution for heat problems common to peristaltic pump systems that supply materials to bioreactors. And that solution involves replacing open-loop step motors with closed-loop step motors. Of course, the replacement motors in question are available from the company.

According to Applied Motion Products, “a peristaltic pump, with internal tubing that separates media from pump components, offers a sanitary method to supply the bioreactor with various fluids to grow cell cultures in the development of new medicines. Step motors are used to drive the pump head, compressing and releasing the pump tubing to move media into the bioreactor chamber.”

Heat generated by open-loop step motors elevates the temperature of fluids pumping into the bioreactor.  The higher temperatures adversely affect biological processing times and reduce yields. As per the company, integrating its closed-loop step motors eliminates the heat problem by operating cooler and consuming less power than open-loop steppers.

Via encoder feedback and servo-control firmware, closed-loop step motor system’s current is controllable to accurately meet torque demands. Drawing only enough current as necessary, the closed-loop step motor generates much less heat than an open-loop step motor.  Closed-loop step motors also run quieter and smoother, reduce external components, and decrease space requirements. For more information, checkout StepSERVO Motors.

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