Steppers Stand Up To Dust And Moisture

By Mat Dirjish

Applied Motion Products extends its line of stepper motors with motors carrying IP65 ratings that are dustproof and resistant to water pressure impact, making them desirable for use in wet and dusty applications. Employing reliable seal protection technology, the IP65-rated step motors feature sealed laminations, an oil shaft seal, internal corrosion-resistant film coating, gaskets for mechanical joints, and an integral 10 ft. shielded cable that offers protection against the ingress of dust and resistance to low-pressure water jets. For even more protection in high-humidity environments, an advanced coating is available as an option.

The IP65-rated step motors are available in NEMA sizes 23, 24, and 34 plus a double-shaft version is available with an optional IP65-rated encoder for applications requiring feedback.  In addition to communication options that include EtherNet/IP and Modbus, the stepper drives offer stored program execution using the Q programming language.

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