Wafer-Based Image Sensor Targets Entry-Level Cameras

By Mat Dirjish

OmniVision expands 2-Mpixel image-sensor offerings with the OV02B 12-in., wafer-based sensor for entry-level mobile cameras. Offered as an alternative for limited-supply 8-in. wafers common to 2-Mpixel components, the OV02B employs 12-in. wafers while maintaining a die size comparable to the company’s existing 2-Mpixel sensors. This translates into an effective alternative for cost sensitive entry level and mainstream smartphones.

Using OmniPixel3-HS pixel technology, the OV02B features a 1.75-µm pixel pitch in a 1/5-in. optical format. It has an extra SCCB ID (SID) pin, which provides two available hardware I2C addresses for multicamera applications.

Other features include a hardware strobe pin to sync LED flash photography, 32 bytes of on-chip OTP memory for storing automatic white balance (AWB) and manufacturer production information, and a Bayer pattern supporting both color and monochrome while also providing a chief ray angle (CRA) up to 30.69°. Output formats include 1600×1200 at 30 fps and 800×600 at 60 fps. Need to glean more? Then checkout the OV02B spec page.

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