Dual 400GbE PHY Packs 100G Serial I/Os & MACsec

By Mat Dirjish

Marvell’s Alaska C 88X9121P hits the streets as the industry’s first dual 400GbE PHY with 100G Serial I/Os and MACsec security. Targeting high-density data center and cloud applications, the chip promises to double faceplate bandwidth on datacenter networks while reducing total power consumption and cost per bit. It offers 256-bit MACsec encryption to ensure reliable point-to-point security, Class C-compliant precision time protocol timestamping for synchronization, and the company’s 112G PAM4 SerDes technology.

Bridging the age gap, the 88X9121P, enables interfacing between the latest generation of switch ASICs with the next generation of optics and vice versa by supporting translation between 50G PAM4 and 100G PAM4 based implementations of 400GbE, 200GbE and 100GbE. The 88X9121P is both footprint- and software-compatible with the recently announced 88X7121P, providing a seamless upgrade migration to modules with 100GbE serial I/Os.

The Marvell 88X9121P is sampling now. If you need to glean more, take a gander at the Alaska C 88X9121P product overview.

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