By Mat Dirjish

Posifa Technologies’ PVC3000 series MEMS thermopile vacuum sensors specify an effective range from 1 millitorr (0.13 Pa) to 1 atm (760 torr, or 101 kPa). As per their maker, the components eliminate the need for piezoresistive or capacitive pressure sensors. For example, they can measure vacuum to 1 atm without the need for an additional pressure sensor.

Using one sensor for reference and one for vacuum measurement (differential measurement setup), the components allow for automatic internal temperature compensation and eliminate other environmental factors that can cause drift. Other features include response times of less than 2 ms typical and an operating temperature range from -25°C to +85°C temperature.

Custom sensor specs are possible upon request. Available in TO5 (PVC3001) or TO46 (PVC3004) metal cans, samples and production quantities are available now. An evaluation kit is also available. For further knowledge, take a look at the PVC3000 datasheet and the evaluation kit quick start guide.