Test Platforms Join The War Against COVID-19

By Mat Dirjish

Spotlighting the importance of air particle testing and measurement, TSI is working with respiratory protection programs to curb the spread of COVID-19. A designer and manufacturer of precision air particle measurement instruments, the company is working with healthcare organizations across the globe to enable the use of its technologies to ensure worker safety in the midst of the current pandemic.

TSI’s respirator fit testing, air flow measurement, mask filter testing and room pressure monitoring technologies are being utilized globally. Four ways the healthcare industry is currently employing TSI technology include:

  1. For protective mask manufacturers: Filter testers test filters, and filtration material and media. The 8130A Automated Filter Tester tests and certifies filter media and protective masks.
  2. For ventilator manufacturers: TSI’s air-flow sensor provides accurate flow measurements required by ventilator manufacturers to ensure proper volumetric flow to patients in respiratory duress.
  3. For respirator fit testing: TSI is delivering respirator-fit testing equipment to agencies, healthcare workers, and first responders, i.e., WHO,CDC, NIOSH, and OSHA regulate N95 facemasks, which block at least 95% of airborne particles and are recommended for healthcare workers. PortaCount Respirator Fit Testers can fit test any respirator mask, including N95 masks, in two and a half minutes. PortaCount tester and its FitPro software count the particles on both sides of a mask, providing quantitative results.
  4. For hospital isolation rooms: room-pressure monitors and controls for airborne infection isolation rooms ensure that the room is properly pressurized to keep contaminants in, or out, depending on the patient situation.

To learn more about these respiratory protection programs, visit TSI Incorporated.

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